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STORMS    Source:  ABC News

Sydney was battered by super cell storms last night, causing damage from the west to the Central Coast.  Strong winds, heavy rains and intense lightning struck, with around twenty five thousand homes losing power.  The airport was closed for several hours and flights were cancelled, causing a backlog and forcing travellers to stay in Sydney overnight.  The SES received more than one thousand calls for help and responded to six hundred of those.  More severe storms are expected later today.

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TRUMP VETO      Source:  CNBC Washington

The US Senate voted yesterday to overturn Donald Trump’s declaration of an emergency at its border with Mexico.  In breaking news, the president has used his power of veto to neutralise the Senate’s decision, paving the way for the controversial wall to be built.  Kayla Toshi reports from Washington,


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President Trump is issuing (audio begin)

….  back to the house  (audio end)

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STRIKE       Source: ABC News, Pedestrian TV news

Tens of thousands of school children from across New South Wales are expected to converge on Sydney town hall this morning to demand action on climate change.  Many are supported by their teachers, but were condemned by premier Gladys Berejiklian.  They received surprise support from Opposition Leader Michael Daley and from Amnesty International who maintain that the children have the right to strike.  They are part of a worldwide strike by schoolchildren to take place over the next twenty four hours.


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DOCTOR  TRIAL      Source:  Peninsula News, personal research


In local news, former Central Coast Doctor Stephen Edwards is to stand trial in Hobart on Monday for the alleged murder of his elderly mother. The sixty four year old was arrested at his practice in Woy Woy in 2016 and released on bail pending his trial.  Before his extradition to Hobart, Doctor Edwards and his partner Graham Dellar were the subject of apprehended violence applications from neighbours. The trial is expected to last two weeks.


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To sport now.   The NRL season kicked off last night in Melbourne with the Storm beating the Broncos twenty two—twelve.  The game marked Coach Craig Bellamy’s seventeenth straight victory in round one.  Roger Federer has advanced to the quarter finals of the Indian Wells tennis tournament, on his way to winning a record thirty one majors.


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On the coast now it’s twenty one degrees, on the way to a top of twenty four, with cloud building and severe storms forecast for later in the afternoon.

More news in an hour

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