The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for meditation. It’s been shown to have benefits for wellbeing. Individuals, communities, therapeutic and formal medical settings can all use it. There are a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one path that twists and turns and finishes and the centre. It’s not like a maze where someone can get lost.

I facilitate walks and workshops for anyone, and am almost qualified as a trainer for Veriditas, an international organisation founded in the 1990s to “pepper the world with labyrinths”. I should soon be able to train people to become labyrinth facilitators locally in Australia, or online anywhere in the world. I facilitate at least one public walk every year on the Centennial Park Labyrinth, and in 2021 I will also be holding a walk to celebrate World Labyrinth Day on Saturday 1st May.

I’m also on the Council for the Australian Labyrinth Network, which has been set up to connect labyrinth walkers in Australia, and to encourage labyrinth activity in Australia. You can find labyrinths in Australia by accessing the ALN’s labyrinth locator.

Here are some links to more sites with information about the Labyrinth:

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Walking a triple spiral labrynth